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Saskatchewan Agriculture

Lives Past and Present

edited by Lisa Dale-Burnett

Grass-Fed Cattle

How to Produce and Market Natural Beef

by (author) Julius Ruechel

Trade Negotiations in Agriculture

A Future Common Agenda for Brazil and Canada?

contributions by Jane H. Kelley, May T. Yeung, James D. Rude, Annette Hester, Laura J. Loppacher, Marcos S. Jank, Mario Q.M. Jales, William A. Kerr, Grant E. Issac, Estela Tavares, Eugene Bealieu, Shenjie Chen, Florencia Jubany & James D. Gaisford
edited by William Kerr & James Gaisford

Intensive Agriculture and Sustainability

A Farming Systems Analysis

edited by Glen Filson

International Agricultural Trade Disputes

Case Studies in North America

contributions by Charles Adam, Andrew Schmitz, Charles B. Moss, Flynn J. Adcock, Troy G. Schmitz, Janaki R.R. Alavalapati, Won W. Koo, Mel Annand, Richard R. Barichello, Peter Berck, Colin A. Carter, W. Hartley Furtan, Carol Goodloe, Caroline Gunning-Trant, Cathy Jabara, Walter J. Keithly, Shiv Mehrotra, Al Mussell, David Orden, Mechel S. Paggi, Warren Payne, Stephen J. Powell, Robert F. Romain, C. Parr Rosson, James L. Seale, Thomas Spreen, Ihn H. Uhm, Sal Versaggi, Michael Wohlgenant & Fumiko Yamazaki

Taking Stands

Gender and the Sustainability of Rural Communities

by (author) Maureen G. Reed

Farm Communities at the Crossroads

Challenge & Resistance

edited by Harry P. Diaz, JoAnn Jaffe & Robert Stirling

Manitoba Commercial Market Gardening, 1945-1997

Class, Race, and Ethnic Relations

by (author) Avis Mysyk

Agriculture at the Border

Canada Us Trade Relations in the Global Food Regime

edited by G.R.E.G.O.R.Y. MARCHILDON

Making Ontario

by (author) David Wood

Canadian Wheat Board

Marketing in the New Millennium

by (author) Andrew Schmitz & Hartley Furtan

In Between Countries

Australia, Canada, and the Search for Order in Agricultural Trade

by (author) Andrew F. Cooper

The Transformation of the Agrifood System in Central and Eastern Europe and the New Independent States

by (author) Jill E. Hobbs, William A. Kerr & James D. Gaisford

Prairie Lives

The Changing Face of Farming

by (author) Lois Ross

Cut and Run

The Assault on Canada’s Forests

by (author) Jamie Swift

Soviet Agricultural Trade Unions 1917-70

by (author) Peter J. Potichnyj

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