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Always Fresh The Untold Story Of Tim Hortons

by (author) Ron Joyce

Starting a Successful Business in Canada

by (author) Jack D. James

Wet Behind the Ears

The Adventures of an Entrepreneur and the 7Essential Lessons Learned

by (author) Bruno Gideon

Self-Employed Workers Organize

Law, Policy, and Unions

by (author) Cynthia Cranford, Judy Fudge & Eric Tucker

Take Your Invention to Market

Develop your ideas into successful products and services.

by (author) Dale Davis

Management for Entrepreneurs

by (author) A.A. de Beer, A.A.C. Kritzinger, C.H. Venter, J.M.C. Steyn, M. Labuschage, E. Ferreira, D. Groeneward & J.E. Stapelberg

Entrepreneurship and How to Establish Your Own Business

by (author) C. Nieuwenhuizen, E.E. le Roux & H. Jacobs
edited by J.W. Strydom

How Women Make Money

Inspirational Stories and Practical Advice from Canadian Women

by (author) Julie V. Watson

Lessons From the Edge

Survival Skills for Starting and Growing a Company

by (author) Jana Matthews, Jeff Dennis & Peter Economy

Entrepreneurship and Community Economic Development

by (author) Monica C. Diochon

The Only Secure Job

Changing From Employee To Entrepreneur

by (author) Richard Worzel

Mennonite Entrepreneurs

by (author) Calvin Redekop, Stephen C. Ainlay & Robert Siemens

East Asian Capitalism

Diversity and Dynamism

edited by Wendy Dobson & A.E. Safarian

Benchmarking the Canadian Business Presence in East Asia

edited by Wendy Dobson & A.E. Safarian

Starting A Business

A Complete Guide to Starting and Managing Your Own Company

by (author) Gordon Brockhouse & Cordon Brockhouse

Creating an Enterprise Culture

Atlantic Canadian Edition

by (author) Elisabeth Mouland

The New Innovators

How Canadians are shaping the knowledge-based economy

by (author) Roger Voyer & Patti Ryan

The Beauharnois Scandal

A Story of Canadian Entrepreneurship and Politics

by (author) T.D. Regehr

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