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Browse Books in Economic Development

Grand Transitions

How the Modern World Was Made

by (author) Vaclav Smil

Escape from Overshoot

Economics for a Planet in Peril

by (author) Peter A. Victor

Profits and Power

Navigating the Politics and Geopolitics of Oil

by (author) David A. Detomasi

White Space

Race, Privilege, and Cultural Economies of the Okanagan Valley

edited by Daniel J. Keyes & Luis L.M. Aguiar

The Neomercantilists

A Global Intellectual History

by (author) Eric Helleiner

Applied Welfare Economics, Trade, and Agricultural Policy Analysis

by (author) G. Cornelis van Kooten


Taking a Seat at the Economic Table

by (author) Carol Anne Hilton

Chicago's Industrial Decline

The Failure of Redevelopment, 1920-1975

by (author) Robert Lewis

Power Play

Professional Hockey and the Politics of Urban Development

by (author) Jay Scherer, David Mills & Linda Sloan McCulloch
foreword by Richard Gruneau

Good Governance in Economic Development

International Norms and Chinese Perspectives

edited by Sarah Biddulph & Ljiljana Biukovic

Grocery Story

The Promise of Food Co-ops in the Age of Grocery Giants

by (author) Jon Steinman

The Canadian Northwest

Its Potentialities

edited by Frank H. Underhill

Trade Liberalizaton and the Canadian Furniture Industry

by (author) David Bond & Ronald Wonnacott

Practical Exporting and Importing in Canada

by (author) J.R. Arnold

Canadian-American Planning

The Seventh Annual Conference on Canadian-American Relations, 1965

created by University of Windsor

Canadian Transportation Economics

by (author) A.W. Currie

Our Debt to the Future

(Royal Society of Canada, Literary and Scientific Papers)

edited by E.G.D. Murray

The Protective Tariff in Canada's Development

Eight Essays on Trade and Tariff When Factors Move with Special Reference to Canadian Protectionism, 1870-1955

by (author) J.H. Dales

Economic Growth in Canada

A Quantitative Analysis

by (author) N. Lithwick

Residential Water Demand and Economic Development

by (author) Terence Lee

Pipe Dreams

The Fight for Canada's Energy Future

by (author) Jacques Poitras

In the Business of Change

How Social Entrepreneurs are Disrupting Business as Usual

by (author) Elisa Birnbaum

From Black Horses to White Steeds

Building Community Resilience

edited by Laurie Brinklow & Ryan Gibson

Se Debrouiller Par Ses Propres Moyens:

Le developpement economique dans les Maritimes

by (author) Donald J. Savoie

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