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On the Road with the Legendary Heroes of Hockey

by (author) Gary Mason

Broken Harts

The Life And Death Of Owen Hart

by (author) Martha Hart & Eric Francis

The Game I'll Never Forget

100 Hockey Stars' Stories

compiled by Chris McDonell

Mats Sundin

Centre Of Attention

by (author) Scott Morrison & Lance Hornby

Vince Carter

The Air Apparent

by (author) B. Harris & Bill Harris

Gold in Ice

Defining Moment In Olympic History. The Sale And Pelletier Story

by (author) B. Smith, Beverley Smith & Beverly Smith

Never Too Fast

The Paul Tracy Story

by (author) Paul Ferriss

Shelter From the Storm

A Sailor's Life of Havens, High Seas, and Discovery

by (author) June Cameron

Crimes and Punishment

Life as a CFL Official

by (author) Neil Payne

Thinkin Big

The Story of James Quick Tillis, The Fightin' Cowboy

by (author) James Quick Tillis

Tommy Burns

Canada's Unknown World Heavyweight Champion

by (author) Dan McCaffery

For the Love of Hockey

Hockey Stars' Personal Stories

compiled by Chris McDonell
foreword by John Davidson


The King's Story

by (author) Brian McFarlane

River Guides of the Miramichi

by (author) Wayne Curtis

The Book of Isiah

The Rise of a Basketball Legend

by (author) Paul Challen

Paul Molitor: Good Timing

The Paul Molitor Story

by (author) Stuart Broomer

Memoirs of a Mountain Man

by (author) Andy Russell

Heaven and Hell in the NHL

by (author) Punch Imlach
with Scott Young

Her Own Woman

by (author) Myrna Kostash, Valerie Miner, Erna Paris, Heather Robertson & Melinda McCracken

The Patricks

Hockey's Royal Family

by (author) Eric Whitehead

The Fighting Fisherman: Yvon Durelle

by (author) Raymond Fraser

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