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Journey after Midnight

India, Canada and the Road Beyond

by (author) Ujjal Dosanjh

Seasons of Hope

Memoirs of Ontario’s First Aboriginal Lieutenant Governor

by (author) James Bartleman

The Call of the World

A Political Memoir

by (author) Bill Graham

The Right to Be Cold

One Woman's Story of Protecting Her Culture, the Arctic and the Whole Planet

by (author) Sheila Watt-Cloutier

Dalton McGuinty

Making a Difference

by (author) Dalton McGuinty

Whose Man in Havana?

Adventures from the Far Side of Diplomacy

by (author) John W. Graham
foreword by Robert Bothwell

The Only Average Guy

Inside the Uncommon World of Rob Ford

by (author) John Filion

Takeover in Tehran

The Inside Story of the 1979 U.S. Embassy Capture

by (author) Massoumeh Ebtekar
with Fred A. Reed

The Diplomat

Lester Pearson and the Suez Crisis

by (author) Antony Anderson

How We Changed Toronto

The inside story of twelve creative, tumultuous years in civic life, 1969-1980

by (author) John Sewell

You Will Wear a White Shirt

From the Northern Bush to the Halls of Power

by (author) Nick Sibbeston

Call Me Giambattista

A Personal and Political Journey

by (author) John Ciaccia


A Graphic Novel

by (author) Reinhard Kleist

Irving vs. Irving

Canada's Feuding Billionaires and the Stories They Won't Tell

by (author) Jacques Poitras

Strength of Conviction

by (author) Tom Mulcair

Party of One

Stephen Harper And Canada's Radical Makeover

by (author) Michael Harris

That's My Vision

The Life Story of James Arvaluk (Inuktitut)

by (author) James Arvaluk
edited by Noel McDermott

Finding Diefenbunker

Canadian Nationalism and Cold War Memory

by (author) Sara Matthews & Justin Anstett
contributions by Patricia Molloy

O.D. Skelton

A Portrait of Canadian Ambition

by (author) Norman Hillmer

Building Bridges

by (author) Victor C. Goldbloom

Premier Steven McNeil

by (author) Dave Whitman & Paulette Whitman

Empire and Ireland

The Transatlantic Career of the Canadian Imperialist Hamar Greenwood, 1870–1948

by (author) Roy MacLaren


The Life and Politics of Paul Martin Sr.

by (author) Greg Donaghy

De Cosmos Enigma, The

by (author) Gordon Hawkins

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