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The Road Back

By a Liberal in Opposition

by (author) J.W. Pickersgill

My Orchestras and Other Adventures

The Memoirs of Boyd Neel

edited by J. David Finch
foreword by Peter Pears

The Making of a Peacemonger

The Memoirs of George Ignatieff

by (author) George Ignatieff

The Medusa Head

by (author) Mary Meigs

Puffin Cove

Escape to the Wilderness of the Queen Charlotte Islands

by (author) Neil G. Carey

But This is Our War

by (author) Grace Morris Craig

Ruffles on my Longjohns

by (author) Isabel Edwards

Overland from Canada to British Columbia

By Mr. Thomas McMicking of Queenston, Canada West

edited by Joanne Leduc

Cop in the Closet

by (author) Jack Fossum

Buffalo Bud

Adventures of A Cowboy

by (author) E.J. (Bud) Cotton & Ethel Mitchell

John Prince 1796-1870

A Collection of Documents

edited by R. Alan Douglas

Modern France

Mind, Politics, Society

by (author) Barnett Singer

Young Mr Smith in Upper Canada

by (author) Mary Larratt Smith

Annie Howells and Achille Fr├ęchette

by (author) James Doyle

Lady Rancher

by (author) Gertrude Minor Roger

Lady Rancher

by (author) Gertrude Minor Rogers

Ralph Edwards of Lonesome Lake

the complete biography of the Crusoe of Lonesome Lake as told to Ed Gould

by (author) Ed Gould & Ralph Edwards

Fall Guy

30 Years as the Duke's Double

by (author) Bodie Theone & Bad Chuck Roberson

Shadows on the Trail

Memoirs of a Nova Scotian

by (author) Russell Lynds


The Autobiography of Lord Rowallan, K.T.

by (author) Lord K.T. Rowallan

Wings of the North

by (author) Dick Turner

The Mackenzie-McNaughton Wartime Letters

edited by Mel Thistle
epilogue by C.J. Mackenzie

The Polish Memoirs of William John Rose

edited by Daniel Stone

Compassionate Landscape

by (author) Humphrey Carver

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