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The York Factory Express

Fort Vancouver to Hudson Bay, 1826-1849

by (author) Nancy Marguerite Anderson

Winged Bull

The Extraordinary Life of Henry Layard, the Adventurer Who Discovered the Lost City of Nineveh

by (author) Jeff Pearce

The Hermit of Gully Lake

The Life and Times of Willard Kitchener MacDonald, Second Edition

by (author) Joan Baxter

Our Trip Around the World

by (author) Renate Belczyk

A Story of Karma

Finding Love and Truth in the Lost Valley of the Himalaya

by (author) Michael Schauch

The Red, Forgiving Earth

A Memoir

by (author) Tasneem Jamal

Emilio Comici: Angel of the Dolomites

by (author) David Smart

Burnt Snow (ebook)

My Years Living and Working with the Dene of the Northwest Territories

by (author) Kieran Moore

Burnt Snow

My Years Living and Working with the Dene of the Northwest Territories

by (author) Kieran Moore

Green Ghost, Blue Ocean

No Fixed Address

by (author) Jennifer Smith


The Life of BC's Legendary Packer

by (author) Susan Smith-Josephy & Irene Bjerky

Harold Innis on Peter Pond

Biography, Cultural Memory, and the Continental Fur Trade

by (author) William J. Buxton

Service on the Skeena

Horace Wrinch, Frontier Physician

by (author) Geoff Mynett

Defying Limits

Lessons from the Edge of the Universe

by (author) Dave Williams


Becoming the First Canadian Woman to Summit Everest, A Memoir

by (author) Sharon Wood

Into the Planet

by (author) Jill Heinerth

Mountain Man

The Life of a Guide Outfitter

by (author) Hiram Cody Tegart
with Andrew Bruce Richards


How French Canadians Shaped North America

edited by André Pratte & Jonathan Kay

Paul Preuss: Lord of the Abyss

Life and Death at the Birth of Free-Climbing

by (author) David Smart

Hunters on the Track

William Penny and the Search for Franklin

by (author) W. Gillies Ross


True Tales from a Treeplanting Life

by (author) Greg Nolan

Ready to Come About

by (author) Sue Williams

Lands of Lost Borders

Out of Bounds on the Silk Road

by (author) Kate Harris

Raincoast Chronicles 24

Cougar Companions: Bute Inlet Country and the Legendary Schnarrs

by (author) Judith Williams

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