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Donald Andrus

The Shape of Desire

by (author) Ihor Holubizky, Pan Wendt & Roslyn Rosenfeld
by (artist) Donald Andrus

Mohawk Warriors, Hunters & Chiefs | Kanien'kehá:ka Ronterí:ios, Rontó:rats & Rotiiá:ner

The Art of | Ne Tom Wilson Tehoháhake rononionniánion

by (author) David Liss
with Tom Wilson Tehoháhake

L'étoile du nord

Le mystère éternel de Tom Thomson et de la femme qui l’aimait

translated by Benoit Léger
by (author) Roy MacGregor

Arctic Song

Creation Stories From the Arctic

by (artist) Germaine Arnattaujuq (Arnaktauyok)
by (author) Neil Christopher

Curious Sounds

A Dialogue in Three Movements

by (author) Roger Mooking & francesca ekwuyasi

Tom Thomson

North Star

edited by Sarah Milroy & Ian A.C. Dejardin

Shelley Niro

500 Year Itch

by (author) Melissa Bennett, Greg Hill & David W. Penney

Jewish Life in Canada

William Kurelek

edited by Sarah Milroy

Weaving Modernist Art

The Life and Work of Mariette Rousseau-Vermette

by (author) Anne Newlands

Critical Fictions

by (author) Hannah Godfrey

Dappled Daydreams: The Art of Camilla d'Errico

illustrated by Camilla d'Errico

Creating a Garden Retreat

An Artist’s Guide to Planting an Outdoor Sanctuary

by (author) Virginia Johnson


Le guide ultime et non-officiel de la pop star

by (author) Dan Whitehead & Daizy Whitehead
photographs by Shutterstock & Alamy
translated by AnneMarie Taravella & Valérie Lavallée-Chouinard

Mischief Making

Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas, Art, and the Seriousness of Play

by (author) Nicola Levell
foreword by Nobuhiro Kishigami
contributions by Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas

I Can Only Paint

The Story of Battlefield Artist Mary Riter Hamilton

by (author) Irene Gammel

Artistic Glass

One Studio and Fifty Years of Stained Glass

by (author) Cloe Joël Aigner

Truth and Beauty in the Canadian Rockies

An Explorer's Guide to the Art of Walter J. Phillips

by (author) Lisa Christensen


Un tableau d'Adam Miller

by (author) Clarence Epstein, François-Marc Gagnon, Donald Kuspit & Alexandre Turgeon

Wordless: The Performance Art of Rebecca Belmore

by (artist) Rebecca Belmore
edited by Florene Belmore
foreword by Glenn Alteen
contributions by Curtis Collins, Jen Budney, Wanda Nanibush, Jessica Jacobson-Konefall, Kathleen Ritter & Richard William Hill

Don Proch

Masking and Mapping

by (author) Patricia Bovey

Black Book

by (artist) Hyung-Min Yoon

Nature's Experiments and the Search for Symbolist Form

by (author) Allison Morehead

Klee Wyck Journal

The Making of a Wilderness Retreat

by (author) Lou McKee


Their Lives and Works

by (author) DK
foreword by Ross King

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