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Some Magnetic Force

Lionel LeMoine FitzGerald Writings

edited by Michael Parke-Taylor

Gerard Collins

Fifty Years of Painting

by (author) Robert Barriault & Mary Blatherwick

Exclusive Memory

A Perceptual History of the Future

by (author) Tom Sherman
edited by David Diviney

Critical Fictions

by (author) Hannah Godfrey

Malleable Forms

Selected Essays

by (author) Meeka Walsh

Supplement 6: Two Hot Horses

by (author) Moyra Davey
photographs by Peter Hujar, Sarah Anne Johnson, Allen Frame, Zoe Leonard & Gary Schneider

Landscape of Moving Images

A compendium of prairie cinema

edited by Melanie Wilmink & Solomon Nagler
text by Vicki Van Chau, Hannah Godfrey, Peter Hemminger, Jonathan Petrychyn, Alexander Rogalski, Daina Warren & Janine Windolph
contributions by Mike Maryniuk, Lindsay McIntyre, Rhayne Vermette & Dianne Ouellette
designed by Jayme Spinks

Outdoor School

Contemporary Environmental Art

edited by Diane Borsato & Amish Morrell

Small, Broke, and Kind of Dirty

Affirmations for the Real World

by (author) Hana Shafi

Bill Sienkiewicz: Revolution

by (artist) Bill Sienkiewicz
introduction by Neil Gaiman
by (author) Ben Davis
edited by Sal Abbinanti & Chul R. Kim

Florine Stettheimer

New Directions in Multimodal Modernism

edited by Irene Gammel & Suzanne Zelazo

Itee Pootoogook

Hymns to the Silence

by (author) Nancy Campbell

Mickalene Thomas

Femmes Noires

edited by Andrea Andersson & Julie Crooks

Halifax Harbour 1918 / Le port d'Halifax 1918

Harold Gillman & Arthur Lismer

edited by Anabelle Kienle Poňka

At Home

Talks with Canadian Artists about Place and Practice

by (author) Lezli Rubin-Kunda

Rebecca Belmore

Facing the Monumental

edited by Wanda Nanibush


Kenojuak Ashevak and Tim Pitsiulak

by (author) Anna Hudson, Jocelyn Piirainen, Georgiana Uhlyarik, Koomuatuk Curley, Laakkuluk Williamson Bathory & Taqralik Patridge
by (artist) Kenojuak Ashevak & Timootee (Tim) Pitsiulak

Passion over Reason / la passion avant la raison

Tom Thomson & Joyce Wieland

by (author) Sarah Stanners

Annie Pootoogook

Cutting Ice

by (author) Nancy Campbell

Marlene Creates

Places, Paths, and Pauses

edited by Susan Gibson Garvey & Andrea Kunard

Marlene Creates

Lieux, sentiers et pauses

edited by Susan Gibson Garvey & Andrea Kunard

Rita Letendre

Fire & Light

by (author) Wanda Nanibush & Georgiana Uhlyarik

François Boucher

Sociability, Mondanité and the Academy in the Age of Louis XV

by (author) Christoph Martin Vogtherr

Higher States

Lawren Harris and His American Contemporaries

by (author) Roald Nasgaard & Gwendolyn Owens

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