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Into the Light

The Art of Lionel LeMoine FitzGerald

edited by Sarah Milroy & Ian A.C. Dejardin

Emily Carr

Fresh Seeing - French Modernism and the West Coast

by (author) Kiriko Watanabe, Kathryn Bridge, Robin Laurence & Michal Polay

Bonsai | Penjing

The Collections of the Montréal Botanitcal Garden

by (author) Danielle Ouellet

A Casual Reconstruction

by (artist) Nadia Myre
foreword by Suzanne Luke
contributions by Louise Bernice Halfe & Sara Matthews


Silent, Unquestionable Act of Love

by (artist) Leanna Marshall
contributions by Susan Neylan & Vera Wabegijig
foreword by Suzanne Luke

Maud Lewis

Paintings for Sale

by (author) Sarah Milroy

Itee Pootoogook

Hymns to the Silence

by (author) Nancy Campbell


Krista Belle Stewart

by (artist) Kristabelle Stewart
text by Mitch Speed

Mickalene Thomas

Femmes Noires

edited by Andrea Andersson & Julie Crooks

Tom Burrows

by (author) Scott Watson & Ian Wallace

Tsēmā Igahars

by (artist) Tsēmā Igahars
text by Jaimie Isaac
foreword by Erin Sutherland
photographs by Nicole Levaque, Jonathan Igharas, Marcus A. Gordon, Scott Little & Paul Litherland

Laurent Amiot

Canadian Master Silversmith

by (author) Rene Villeneuve

Laurent Amiot

Maitre-orfevre Canadien

by (author) Rene Villeneuve

Experiment: Printing the Canadian Imagination

Highlights from the David McKnight Canadian Little Magazine and Small Press Collection

by (author) David McKnight


Tributes + Tributaries, 1971-1989

edited by Wanda Nanibush & Georgiana Uhlyarik

Beau Dick

Revolutionary Spirit

by (author) Darrin Martens

Rodney Graham - Lightboxes

by (author) Rodney Graham
edited by Museum Frieder Burda
text by Frieder Burda

Marlene Creates

Places, Paths, and Pauses

edited by Susan Gibson Garvey & Andrea Kunard

Marlene Creates

Lieux, sentiers et pauses

edited by Susan Gibson Garvey & Andrea Kunard

Every. Now. Then.

Reframing Nationhood

edited by Andrew Hunter

Rita Letendre

Fire & Light

by (author) Wanda Nanibush & Georgiana Uhlyarik


by (author) Andrew Hunter

Amateur Movie Making

Aesthetics of the Everyday in New England Film, 1915–1960

edited by Martha J. McNamara & Karan Sheldon
foreword by Alice T. Friedman
contributions by Dino Everett, Libby Bischof, Justin Wolff, Whit Stillman, Karen Gracy, Charles Tepperman, Jennifer Neptune, Christopher Reed, Christopher Castiglia, Brian Jacobson, Martha White, Melissa Dollman & Janna Jones

Higher States

Lawren Harris and His American Contemporaries

by (author) Roald Nasgaard & Gwendolyn Owens

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