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How to Build a Retreat in the Wilderness and Learn to Live with Nature

by (author) Will Jones


The Planning, Design, and Development of Toronto’s CityPlace

by (author) James T. White & John Punter

An Architect's Address Book

The places that shaped a career

by (author) Robert Lemon

Who's Next

Homelessness, Architecture and Cities

edited by Daniel Talesnik & Andres Lepik
introduction by Leilani Farha
text by Binyamin Appelbaum, Juliane Bischoff, João Bittar Fiammenghi, Giovanna Borasi, Helena Čapková, James Carse, Lluís Alexandre Casanovas Blanco, Alejandra Celedon, Clara Chahin Werneck, Tatiana Efrussi, Maria Esnaola Cano, Fraya Frehse, Jocelyn Froimovich, Erez Golani Solomon, Samia Henni, Aya Maceda, David Madden, Don Mitchell, Stephen Przybylinski, Trude Renwick, Valentina Rozas-Krause, Aditya Sawant, Luisa Schneider, Nicolas Stutzin, Elena Vogman & Zairong Xiang

Todd Saunders

New Northern Houses

by (author) Dominic Bradbury

Almost, Not

The Architecture of Atelier Nishikata

by (author) Leslie Van Duzer

Heritage Churches of the Indigenous Peoples of British Columbia (ebook)

Historical Events & Architectural Elements of Church Structures

by (author) Kenneth Perry

boundary sequence illusion

Ian MacDonald Architect

by (author) Ian Macdonald
introduction by Barry Sampson
edited by Brian Carter

Historic House Names of Nova Scotia

by (author) Joseph M.A. Ballard

A Family Place

A Man Returns to the Center of His Life

by (author) Charles Gaines
foreword by Dave DiBenedetto
afterword by Alexander Bridge

Citizen City

Vancouver’s Henriquez Partners Challenges Architects to Engage in Partnerships that Advance Cultural Sustainability

by (author) Marya Cotten Gould, Gregory Henriquez & Robert Enright

Glorious Victorian Homes

150 Years of Architectural History in British Columbia's Capital

by (author) Nick Russell


by (author) Heather Howat & David Battersby
edited by Brian Carter

The Domestic Space Reader

edited by Chiara Briganti & Kathy Mezei

West Coast Residential

The Modern and The Contemporary

edited by Greg Bellerby

Designing and Building

Rockhill and Associates

edited by Brian Carter
by (author) Rockhill and Associates

If These Walls Could Talk

Victoria's Houses From The Past

by (author) Valerie Green
illustrated by Lynn Gordon-Findlay

Atelier BUILD

by (author) Michael Carroll & Danita Rooyakkers
edited by Brian Carter

Inside Island Heritage Homes

Two Hundred Years of Domestic Architecture on Prince Edward Island

by (author) James W. MacNutt

Inside Toronto

Urban Interiors 1880s to 1920s

by (author) Sally Gibson

Heritage Houses of Nova Scotia

by (author) Stephen Archibald & Sheila Stevenson

Peeking through the Keyhole

The Evolution of North American Homes

by (author) Avi Friedman & David Krawitz

Grow Home

by (author) Avi Friedman

The Grow Home

by (author) Avi Friedman

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