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Illustrator's Gallery: Have You Ever Heard a Whale Exhale?

Gorgeous spreads from a new picture book that's a splash of a tale!

Book Cover Have You Ever Heard a Whale Exhale

This coastal adventure for kids of all ages brings the senses to life! In this splash of a tale, author Caroline Woodward and illustrator Claire Watson take the reader on an exploratory journey through the senses! From sun-warmed rocks to crackling campfires, this is one book that leaps with the dolphins and barks with the sea lions. On a journey of touch, taste, sight and smell, this whale of a tale urges littles to explore the surroundings—and imagine the rest.


illustartion of whales from have you seen a whale exhale

Have you ever heard a whale exhale

and SLAP the water with its tail?

Breathing in after breathing out

heaving WHOOSH with a might spout?


Illustration of a sea lion herd

Have you ever smelled a big sea lion herd?

Oh m, they need a bath, on this you have my word!


Illustration of Whales dining

Have you ever tasted salty herring roe?

Very yummy on a seaweed plate to go!


Illustration of sitting of a rock

Have you ever sat upon a sun-warmed rock,

where you and your friends would go to talk?


illustration from have you ever heard a whale exhale eagles

Have you ever wondered why eagles love to fly,

above the trees and through the clouds?

They soar so high!


Text and images from Have You Ever Heard a Whale Exhale?, by Caroline Woodward and Claire Watson. © 2024. Published with the permission of the publisher, Pownal Street Press.