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Spooky YA Picks

A recommended reading list by author of new novel Heartbreak Homes.

Book Cover Heartbreak Homes

Heartbreak Homes is a gripping locked-door YA murder mystery told from multiple perspectives from Jo Treggiari, Governor General's Award and Crime Writers of Canada Award-nominated author of The Grey Sisters and Blood Will Out. In this list, she's recommended some other spooky reads for YA readers. 


Book Cover Sadie

Sadie, by Courtney Summers

Driven by revenge Sadie sets out to find the man who killed her sister. By turns, heartbreaking and horrifying.


Book Cover Keep This To Yourself

Keep This To Yourself, by Tom Ryan

A small-town teen is convinced that the real killer behind the string of murders that shocked his community is still at large. Complex and chilling.


Book Cover Tell Me When You Feel Something

Tell Me When You Feel Something, by Vicki Grant

Charismatic Viv is in a coma and this twisty, non-linear mystery told from multiple, sometimes unreliable, POVs deftly reveals who, why and how.


Book Cover You Were Never Here

You Were Never Here, by Kathleen Peacock

Cat reluctantly returns to her childhood home only to discover that her former BFF has gone missing. A slow-burn mystery with a supernatural twist.


Book Cover the Red Palace

The Red Palace, by June Hur

An illegitimate girl and a police inspector team up in this atmospheric serial killer mystery set in the Korea of the late 1700s.


Book Cover Cold

Cold, by Mariko Tamaki

A chilling tale narrated by the ghost of a murdered boy and the girl who demands answers.


Book Cover The Last Time I Saw Here

The Last Time I Saw Her, by Alexandra Harrington

Set in Nova Scotia, this complex tale of loss, broken relationships  and buried secrets, follows Charlotte as she struggles to make sense of what exactly happened on the night of a life-changing accident.


Book Cover Heartbreak Homes

Learn more about Heartbreak Homes:

The back-to-school blowout filled with drinks and drugs isn't Frankie's scene, but she would do anything for her childhood best friend, Jessa, whose recent ugly duckling transformation has her hanging with a new crowd and vying for pretty boy Malcolm – the popular senior throwing the all-out rager on his father's deserted development property.

Martin hasn't heard from his old friends since his father lost everything and moved them across town. Until the party invitation. Between working double-shifts and avoiding his father's sad-guilty routine, Martin decides to blow off some steam. But the party house is a monument to the bad real estate deal that left half the town in financial ruin – and the heart of all that has gone wrong for him and his family.

Cara and her crew of lost girls have been squatting in a model home on the property, stealing for their survival. The party is the perfect mark—privileged kids, abundant alcohol, and dark corners. The girls score big with their haul, but the celebration is short-lived when they learn their temporary home is at risk of discovery. They could be split up and forced back onto the unsafe streets.

In the wake of a brutal brawl, the guests find a lifeless body—and this murder is only the first. Escalating violence drives Frankie, Martin, and Cara to forge new bonds, and together unmask a killer. Narrated from multiple perspectives, Heartbreak Homes is about what compels us to kill—and the true face of justice.