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CanLit Is Terrifying

Book Cover Book of Tongues

Fear not! (Or at least, fear less.) Because here is your guide to a most Canadian bookish Halloween, serving to guide you through the spooky day ahead, and provide great suggestions for appropriate seasonal reading. 

CanLit Zombie expert, Corey Redekop, can hook you up with a good read via The Canadian Weirdscape, made up of selections of the nation's most outlandish, strange, and mind-boggling fiction.

Book Cover The Thirteen

Check out The Fright List for some terrifying titles, including books by award-winning horror masters, Andrew Pyper, and Susie Maloney. 

How to Kill a Vampire

Are you in the unfortunate position of the monsters in your life being not-so fictional? To that end, you might appreciate our excerpt from Liisa Ladouceur's How to Kill a Vampire, part culture guide and all practical guide. Find out how useful your handy crucifix or holy water really will be once you're face-to-face with Vlad the Impaler.

Book Cover Monkey Beach

And don't miss our guide to all things ghostly in CanLit, "I Am Not At Peace: Ghosts and Haunting in Canadian Fiction." Something is extra-unnatural about the supernatural in Canadian fiction, which renders an encounter with it all the more spooky and sinister.

Scaredy Squirrel Prepares for Halloween

For all those for whom Halloween is simply too scary to consider, we offer up our exclusive interview with iconic Canadian rodent, Scaredy Squirrel, who tells us, "I find comfort in knowing that if things get too scary, I can always play dead. For two hours." 

Book Cover the Elevator Ghost

Our latest Halloween kids' book list, Boo for Books!, offers up the latest and greatest in ghost stories and other spooky tales, all new releases out this year. 

The Haunted House that Jack Built

For tried and tested titles, don't miss our perennial list of Halloween favourites

The Dark

And check out In the Dark, with books that celebrate the spooky elements of darkness to fantastic illustrative effect. 

October 30, 2014
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