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You Are Two and Babies and Toddlers of CanLit

Book Cover You Are Two

In their new book, You Are Two, Sara O'Leary and Karen Klassen celebrate the milestones of a child's second year—the terribleness notwithstanding.

This new book follows up the delectable You Are One, and You Are Three is forthcoming in the spring. In celebration of this latest release, we want to similarly celebrate babies and toddlers, in particular our favourite ones from Canadian literature.

This list is just a start of course. Tweet us or leave a comment with suggestions of your own. 



Book Cover Adult Onset

Maggie, from Ann-Marie MacDonald's Adult Onset: 

Never has the toddler meltdown been as perfectly captured as it is in Adult Onset via Maggie, youngest child of our protagonist, who is so furiously, terrifyingly two. Do not leave this child unattended near a pair of scissors, and if you dare to make her put on her winter books, you're only asking for trouble. 

The trick is not to mind it. She has seized the little foot once more and manages to get the Bean book onto it, but as she reaches for the other boot, Maggie kicks off the first and looks at her with fran …

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