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A Conversation with Kyo Maclear, WOTS Toronto

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The Word On The Street is coming up, and we're partnering with WOTS Toronto to bring you author interviews, contests, and lots of snaps on the day!

When: Sunday, September 23, 2012—11:00 a.m.
Where: Queens Park Circle
, Toronto, ON M5R 2E8

As part of 49th Shelf's #Fest2Fest, Julie  Wilson is speaking with authors across the country (and abroad) who are appearing at literary festivals to promote their latest books. And I've been lucky enough to get in on a bit of the action!

Book Cover Virginia Wolf

Kyo Maclear will appear at Word on the Street Toronto 2012 at the Children's Reading Tent at 3:20 PM - 3:40 PM and at Great Books Marquee at 4:30 PM - 5:00 PM

KC: You have a background in art and art-writing. Do you write your picture books with images in mind? And do you work closely with your illustrator to ensure that her vision stays true to yours?

KM: I do write visual notes while I’m drafting a story. This is important to me because I often rely on the images to fill in details that I have withheld in the written narrative. Some of my notes are very simple: “the bicycle s …

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When Anne Carson meets Charles Schultz: Kyo Maclear on picture books for grown-ups

Book Cover Virginia Wolf

I looked at the bookshelf in my study this morning and found Anne Carson sitting alongside Charles Schultz. I have no idea what they were doing there together, but I would like to think they were having a fruitful conversation. (They both like to draw. They are both observant and funny.)

There are picture books of all kinds on my “grown-up” shelf. Some I pilfered from my children. Some I bought for myself. Some are a little beyond me but I figure I’ll grow into them.

Book Cover Stray Love

Lately unaccompanied prose feels bereft to me. Perhaps it’s all the time I have spent in the company of my young sons, who believe a book without pictures is a travesty. (Why not just make a book without a binding, or page numbers?)

In the belief that grownups need pictures too, I’ve assembled a selection of adult-friendly visual reads.

Pear Tree Pomes by Roy Kiyooka: Call me naïve but I really believe that print books will continue to flourish for the next millennium. They will survive on the basis of their physical and tactile beauty. How can a book that touches you back ever be …

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More of the best book trailers we've seen lately

The trailer for Ben Stephenson's first novel A Matter of Life & Death or Something is fabulous, one that leaves you with that very rare thought, "If the writing is half as good as the trailer, this is probably a book worth checking out."


Graham Romieau's illustrations in this trailer introduce the bizarre characters ("The Incredibly Hostile Juice Box") in his new book with Douglas Coupland, Highly Inappropriate Tales for Young People.


And while I know that you've already read Patrick DeWitt's The Sisters Brothers (who hasn't?), have you seen the trailer yet? It's pretty cool.

Kyo Maclear used vintage television footage for this trailer for her novel Stray Love.


Director Adam Vollick was behind this amazing trailer for Brad Smith's new novel Red Means Run.


And for more in atmospheric trailers, check out this one for Eva Stachniak's bestselling The Winter Palace.


Picture book authors have a definite advantage when it comes to book trailers, their books' visual elements usually working as effectively in film as they do on the page.

The trailer for Kyo Maclear and Isabelle Arsenault's Virginia Wolf is absolutely stunning, and the book itself doesn't disappoint either.

Fred Rix's illustrations are animated and amusing in this trailer for the award-winning How to Build Your Own Country, written by Valerie Wyatt.

In this gorgeous trailer, author illustrator Barbara Reid presents her latest book, Picture a Tree, which has just been nominated for a Canadian Library Association 2012 …

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