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Illustrator's Gallery: Willow Dawson and The Wolf Birds

Wolf Birds Cover

This month we're focussing on winter, the outdoors, nature, and issues of survival. The Wolf-Birds, by Willow Dawson, encompasses all these themes. In a story set deep in the wild winter wood, two hungry ravens fly in search of their next meal. A pack of wolves is on the hunt, too. Food is scarce, but, if they team up, the ravens and wolves just might be able to help each other. The Wolf-Birds takes an honest, unflinching view of survival in the wild, highlighting the fact that one animal’s life helps many others live. Based on scientific data and anecdotal reports from Aboriginal hunters, the book explores the fascinating symbiotic relationship shared by wolves and ravens. Because ravens follow and scavenge food from wolves—which scientists believe hints at an ecological relationship thousands of years old—ravens have been dubbed “wolf-birds.”


Wolf Birds Image 1


Image from the Wolf Birds

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