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New Years' Resolutions? There's a Book for That

Book Cover United Breaks Guitars

Resolved: To Use Your Voice to Make a Difference.

Read: United Breaks Guitars: The Power of One Voice in the Age of Social Media by Dave Carroll

Songwriter Dave Carroll wasn't the first person abused by an airline's customer service. But he was the first to show how one person, armed with creativity, some friends, $150, and the Internet, could turn an entire industry upside down.

Since "United Breaks Guitars" emerged, nothing is the same—for consumers, for musicians, or for business. Whether you are a guitarist, a baggage handler, or a boardroom executive, this book will entertain you and remind you that we are all connected, that each of us matters, and that we all have a voice worth hearing.

Book Cover Persuasion

Resolved: To Communicate Your Ideas More Effectively

Read: Persuasion by Arlene Dickinson

At thirty-one, Arlene Dickinson found herself stranded. Recently divorced, she had only a high school diploma, no savings and no clue how she was going to feed four young children. But just one year later, she was a partner in Venture Communications. Ten years on, she was CE …

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