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Lives of the Artists: James King on Art Biographies

Book Cover Inner Places

James King has written two biographies of Canadian artists. Inward Journey: The Life of Lawren Harris is the first biography of the leading spokesman of the Group of Seven and the creator of some of the most iconic images in Canadian art. His most recent book is Inner Places: The Life of David Milne. In both books, King emphasizes the connection between life experience and artistic expression.

In reflecting on other biographies of Canadian artists, he chooses some biographies he feels move the reader to a clearer and deeper understanding of the meaning of the art of those whose lives are chronicled:


Book Cover A Concise History of Canadian Painting

A Concise History of Canadian Painting, Third Edition, by Dennis Reid

In this resplendently illustrated history, Reid marshals significant details in the life experience of Canada’s major painters in such as way as to demonstrate how “our best painters have managed to find common ground in their genuine desire to confront the Canadian sensibility through the medium of their art.” Anecdotal details are carefully assembled to give the reader a sense of …

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