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Illustrators' Gallery: When Raven Became Spider

Book Cover When Raven Became Spider

Shaun Beyale, The Time Traveller, 2015, ink, grey Copic marker, and white Gelly Roll pen on paper. Collection of Regina Public Library. Photo: Courtesy of the Artist.

Taking its title from a body of work by Sonny Assu, depicting Spiderman in a traditional Kwakwa_ka_'wakw style, When Raven Became Spider was a contemporary art exhibition curated by Vancouver-based Gitxaala/British, curator, artist and writer Leena Minifie.

The book, When Raven Became Spider, serves as documentation of the exhibition, and continues Minifie's research on supernatural characters in Indigenous art and modern comic superheroes, expanding the conversation to include a commissioned art work by Jolene Yazzie, and essays by Indigenous scholars from across North America.

We are pleased to publish a selection of images from the publication.


The Beautiful NDN SupermaidensTM

Joi T. Arcand, The Beautiful NDN SuperMaidensTM Trading Cards: Neckbone Wonder Woman, 2016, mixed media. Collection of the Artist. Photo: Don Hall.


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