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Introducing the 49th Shelf Summer Books List: Part 1

Book Cover Summer Reads

Summer is HERE, and with it our impeccably curated Summer Books List, and just to make that sweet deal even sweeter, every single (awesome!) book on the list is up for giveaway.

There's something for every kind of reader on this list—fun fiction, speculative adventures, gripping mysteries, family drama, short fiction, and more. 

And even better? We're just getting your summer reading started! Stay tuned for the 49th Shelf Summer Books List: Part 2, coming to you at the end of July with ten more picks and another fantastic round of giveaways.

But in the meantime, don't miss your chance to win this excellent selection.


Home of the Floating Lily, by Silmy Abdullah

About the book: Caught between cultures, immigrant families from a Bengali neighbourhood in Toronto strive to navigate their home, relationships, and happiness.

Set in both Canada and Bangladesh, the eight stories in Home of the Floating Lily follow the lives of everyday people as they navigate the complexities of migration, displacement, love, friendship, and familial conflict. A young wo …

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Have you Entered Our Books of the Year Giveaway Yet?

2020 Books of the Year

It's been a week since our 2020 Fiction: Books of the Year post went up, and it's been shared many, many times, with readers and writers celebrating our selections and reflecting on their own literary 2020.

Our list includes some excellent ideas for all the readers on your list, if you're still doing some last-ish minute shopping. (And check out our list of all your favourite indie bookstores in one place while you're at it!)

And do you know that we're giving away copies of every single title on the list?

From award-winners (How to Pronounce Knife) to booksellers' favourites (Aubrey McKee), critical darlings (Butter Honey Pig Bread, Brighten the Corner Where You Are), cult hits (Mexican Gothic), bestsellers (Songs for the End of the World, Indians on Vacation) and so much more, our list includes a little bit of everything.

Make sure you explore them all (and enter to win!).

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End of February Giveaway

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This is a tricky time of year in many parts of Canada. The sun is poking out but ... there's still snow. A lot of it. The ice feels malevolent. Terrible friends are going down south without us. There has never been a better time for a surprise giveaway. Here’s how it works. Kerry and I will each tell you a TINY bit about a book we’ve really enjoyed lately, but that's it. If you think it sounds good, enter our giveaway for a chance to win both books! ONLY UNTIL MIDNIGHT ON FEBRUARY 28.



The two winners of the secret book I love will receive a mystery, but not just any mystery. It’s a thriller that you actually don’t want to rush through, the writing is so brilliant at the paragraph and sentence level. It's as much about what it means to be human as it is about murder.

Hint: The book received both an Arthur Ellis Award and a Governor General’s Award. It has been translated (brilliantly) from French.



Great cities and neighbourhoods are containers for stories, just like this book is, and every one of the stories in this book is delightfully readable and well written. Reading this collection is akin to a walk through a city street, of glimpses, moments, and changing scenes—a most satisfying and delightful excursion.  

Hint: T …

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Win 1 of 5 Copies of Your First Home: A Buyer's Kit by Kimberley Marr. #realestate #homebuyers #givecdn

Kimberely Marr, author of Your First Home

Kimberley Marr, CAAP, ABR, is a RE/MAX real estate broker with over 23 years' experience. Throughout her career she has assisted many buyers and sellers in fulfilling their real estate goals and dreams. Marr has developed and taught real estate buyers' programs for the last 17 years with a focus on first-time home buyers. She has made television appearances and has been a speaker at national and international real estate, mortgage financing, and industry related conferences. Your First Home: A Buyer's Kit is her first book. Visit her online at

Julie Wilson: In your experience, what would say is the #1 misconception about buying your first home?

Kimberley Marr: There is a misconception that a large down payment (i.e. 20-30 percent of the purchase price) is required, which may not be the case for buyers that qualify for a high-ratio type of mortgage. Mortgages usually fall into one of two categories—conventional or high-ratio financing. Sometimes a buyer, based on lender underwriting criteria qualifies for a mortgage, may not have a large enough down payment to be considered a conventional type of mortgage (i.e., 20 per cent or more of the purchase or appraised price whichever is lower, for a down payment). However, the buyer may still be able t …

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