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Great Literary Getaways

These days under lockdown, it's books that can let us travel and explore the world. There's something here for every kind of reader, with journeys to every continent, memoir and fiction, thrillers and dramas. Where is literature going to take you next?



Keepers of the Faith, by Shaukat Ajmeri

About the book: Keepers of the Faith is set within a small Muslim sect of India, ruled by an avaricious priesthood that demands absolute submission while enforcing archaic social customs. When a section of the community rebels, it is summarily excommunicated, shunned by friends and family and denied religious rites. The peaceful community is split into two.

The novel follows the fates of two blissful young lovers, Akbar and Rukhsana, in the historic city of Udaipur. When the communal split occurs, their families are on opposite sides; the lovers' dream of a happy life together is shattered, and they are forced into separate destinies. Akbar, from the rebel group, goes on to become a writer and family man in Mumbai, while Rukhsana gets married to an immigrant engineer from the United States fanatically devoted to the priesthood.

Years later, Akbar's and Rukhsana's paths cross again. Much has changed and much has not, and they are presented with soul-destroying choices a …

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Kristine Scarrow: Books to Get Away With

Book Cover If This is Home

Across the country, very slowly, spring is creeping in. It's becoming the season for weekend getaways, trips up to the cabin to escape into another world for a while. And is there any better time than this for reading? In her list for us, YA author Kristine Scarrow, whose new book is If This Home, recommends a stack of books to take you away—or to take away with you when you're taken away, even.


My husband and I bought a small cabin at a popular northern Saskatchewan lake last summer. It’s a shack, really, and when we bought it, it looked as though it had been largely abandoned for several years. With its peeling paint and breezy interior, it wasn’t the idea of anyone’s dream but ours. Nestled in the trees on a huge lot, all we could picture was us cozying up in our own relaxing retreat. Thankfully it’s been one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. Besides swimming in the lake, staring at the stars, and sitting by the fire, with gobs of elbow grease and the magic of big box home improvement stores, our little cabin in the woods is turning into the magical vacation spot we’ve dreamed of. Part of that dream is bringing stacks of books and burning through them while nestling in a hammock under the trees. Here is a list of books that make for perf …

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