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Picture Book Sneak Peek: Summer Feet, by Sheree Fitch and Carolyn Fisher

Summer officially starts HERE with this glorious celebration of childhood...and filthy feet. We're so excited to feature two spreads from this beautiful book.


About Summer Feet, by Sheree Fitch and Carolyn Fisher:

Hello toes, our tootsie friends
 Hello, summer feet again!

Canada's Dr. Seuss, Sheree Fitch, is back with a brand-new tongue-twisting picture book that celebrates all things summer. From those first barefoot days, wobble-dy walking over rocks and pebbles, to wandering-wild while searching for sea glass and, finally, huddled-up cozy at a late-summer bonfire, these summer feet flutter kick, somersault, hide-and-seek, and dance in the rain, soaking up all the season has to offer.

With Fitch's classic lip-slippery, lyrical rhymes and Carolyn Fisher's bright and colourful illustrations, Summer Feet will be an instant summertime favourite.


Spread from Summer Feet, by Sheree Fitch and Carolyn Fisher




Spread from Summer Feet, by Sheree Fitch and Carolyn Fisher

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Your 2019 Guide to Summer Literary Festivals

It has finally arrived, and you KNOW what we're talking about. SUMMER! Six perfect letters when laid out like that.

It's time to lay blankets on the grass or to haul out camp chairs and to sit under tents to listen to readings and panels and celebrations of books. It's Literary Festival Season, and good things are happening across the country. 

Read on to discover what literary festivals are happening near you.


The Wordplay Festival is back July 3 in River John, NS, at Mabel Murple’s Book Shoppe & Dreamery, featuring Jessica Scott Kerrin, Arthur Slade, singer-songwriter Anna Plaskett. It's all hosted by amazing emcee Sheree Fitch. 


Festival fun continues on July 6 in River John, NS: Read By the Sea 2019 includes authors Elizabeth Hay, Kevin Major, Mayann Francis, Allan Cooper, and Colin Campbell. 


The Elephant Mountain Literary Festiva …

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Rebecca Rosenblum: Good Books for Hard Times

Rebecca Rosenbaum's debut novel, So Much Love, is a stunner, and it's recently been nominated for the 2017 Amazon First Novel Award. And while it's a heavy book, in her list with us Rosenblum shares the books that helped her along the way by providing a little levity. These are, as she tells us, good books for hard times.  


I wrote a very serious, very dark book and it took six years. I read a lot of different things for different reasons during that long challenging period of writing—for research, for inspiration, for reminders of what I was striving for—but I read a lot for fun. These are some of the books in that last category. These are all fiction—my preferred reading matter—and though not all were originally intended for grownups, all can be enjoyed by us. These are all good books—the word funny isn’t a pejorative in my world—but those that take on serious issue do so with a lighter hand and some skip right over the serious issues and go straight for the silly. Apply as needed.

Anne of Green Gables, by L. M. Mongomery

I’ve …

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Fictitious Can-Lit: The Books that Never Were

We love books so much that we positively worship at the altar of books within books. And so today we're featuring nine fictitious books from Canadian literature. How many of these do you recognize? (Books of origin are revealed below.)

Book Cover GroundWork

1) Groundwork by Jakob Beer: This was the first poetry collection by Beer, and it deals with memory (of the Holocaust in particular) in terms of themes of archeology and excavation, with secrets and mysteries buried deep undeground. Beer was killed in Athens in 1993.

Book Cover Blind Assassin

2) The Blind Assassin by Laura Chase: Inspired by real life events, Chase's book is a novel within a novel, a science fiction story set on the planet Zycron told by a radical socialist to the lover with which he is having an illicit affair. The novel was published not long after Chase's death in 1947, when she drove her car off a bridge into Toronto's St. Clair Ravine.

Book Cover Turrets of Tantripp

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