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Earth Hour: Books & Activities to Spark Discussion and Environmental Action

On Saturday March 28th millions of people around the globe will turn off their lights and spend an hour without the use of electricity to mark Earth Hour. The movement, in previous years, has helped spark initiatives like tree planting and the banning of single use plastics in different countries. It’s important to talk about Earth Hour so young people understand the reasons behind the initiative and encourage their families to participate. There are many areas of the curriculum that involve environmental issues and stewardship. The environment is a natural springboard to explore different models of learning such as inquiry, design thinking, and project based learning. Here are a few titles and activities for kids from grades K-8 that fit with a discussion of Earth Hour and what we can do to help protect our planet.

Inspired by true events, In the Treehouse by Andrew Larsen, illustrated by Dušan Petričić is the story of a boy who plans and builds a treehouse with his dad and older brother. After a while his big brother doesn’t want to play anymore, he’d rather hang out with his friends. Until one night when the power goes out. The boy sees his neighbours actually come out of their houses and socialize. His brother joins him in the treehouse and they read …

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Notes from a Children's Librarian: Earth Hour Books

Our Children's Librarian columnist, Julie Booker, brings us a new view from the stacks every month.


Here are a few gems to read by flashlight….

In the Tree House, by Andrew Larsen, illustrated by Dusan Petricic, is a perfect story for Earth Hour. A little boy dreams of having a tree house. So does his brother. They draw up plans and show them to their dad, whose own childhood dreams are ignited. Together, they construct their treehouse, but the following summer the little boy's brother is older, off with his friends. The protagonist finds himself alone in the summer heat, listening to the neighbourhood air conditioners, unable to see the night sky because of all the city lights. Then boom, there’s a blackout. “The melting ice crackles in the bowl. Something sparkles overhead. The night sky is filled with stars, more than I can count.” His brother returns to the treehouse where they play card games and read comics long after the city lights come back on.


Picture the Sky, by Barbara Reid, will inspire a focus for Earth Hour—to go outside a …

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