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What Aging Looks Like: A Picture Book List, with Dogs!

What does it feel like to be old?

It’s so important for children to see positive images of aging. There are many wonderful books about children and their relationship with grandparents or an elderly friend.

In my book, The Old Woman, I write about an old woman who lives alone with her faithful companion, her old dog. Depicting an old woman on her own, gives a child a different view of what aging looks like. Life is not about new adventures anymore but the old woman is not lonely or sad. She relishes the simple pleasures of each new day and revels in the memories and thoughts that float through her mind. Nahid Kazemi’s beautiful illustrations merge with my words to bring the old woman and her dog to life, creating the unique visual landscape of the story.

In the following picture books authors and illustrators explore the themes of aging, intergenerational friendships, loss, and dogs in a myriad of approaches and tones from the sombre to the hilarious.


Oy, Feh, So?  by Cary Fagan, illustrations by Gary Clement

– am I really related to them?

It’s no …

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Illustrator's Gallery: The Dog, by Margarita Sada

Inspired by Poppy the Therapy Dog at Canuck Place Children's Hospice in Vancouver, The Dog, by Helen Mixter and Margarita Sada, shows how the uncomplicated love and dedication of a dog can make anyone feel better—particularly a child who is small and vulnerable. Through beautiful, simple illustrations and words, The Dog shows how one animal helps a young boy who is ill. She is his comfort, his companion, and his friend; when he’s unhappy, she places her paw on his hand to show him she’s there.

The Dog is a story for young children, and for anyone who has ever owned a pet. But most of all, it shows how important animal companionship is for children. The warmth of animal friends helps make life worth living, especially when times are tough. Partial proceeds from the book will benefit Canuck Place. We're pleased for feature some beautiful illustrations from the book. 




Illustration from The Dog, by Helen Mixter and Margarita Sada


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Start Reading Arthur: The Dog Who Crossed a Jungle to Find a Home

We are delighted to present an excerpt from the new book, Arthur: The Dog Who Crossed the Jungle to Find a Home. The book, by adventure racer Mikael Lindnord, is the stunning true story of an unshakeable bond between a man and a dog. Arthur is already a bestseller in the UK and Sweden and Greystone Books has just published it in Canada. The excerpt is from Chapter 7, “Whatever it Takes,” and is set in South America, when Mikael must make a choice that will change his life forever.


‘You can’t bring the dog.’

Even though it was dark, I could see that the race organizer was looking me hard in the eye as he said it. Though I’d known deep down for the last hour that he was going to say this, still as I looked back at him my mind was in turmoil.

Part of me wanted to scream: ‘He’s not ‘‘the dog’’, he’s Arthur. He needs me, I’m his only hope.’ Another part of me, looking around at the concerned expressions on everyone’s faces, knew that it was crazy, insane, mad, to be thinking about a stray dog when there was so much at stake for


Part of me wanted to scream: ‘He’s not ‘‘the dog’’, he’s Arthur. He needs me, I’m his only hope.’


We were headed for at least fourteen hours of kayaking, often through difficult waters. Simo …

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