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Gillian Deacon on the Hazardous Toxins We're Slathering onto Our Bodies and Our Children's

Gillian Deacon, author of There's Lead in Your Lipstick (Penguin Group Canada).

Gillian Deacon was researching toxins in personal care products for There's Lead in Your Lipstick (Penguin Group Canada), the follow up to her bestselling title Green for Life, when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Talk about your personal crusades, now when Deacon addresses audiences about the dozens upon dozens of chemicals we lather ourselves in before we've even left the house, she's speaking from experience.

Visit her at and download this handy wallet tip sheet with helpful advice on the best toxin-free brands to look for, and the most hazardous toxins to avoid.

Julie Wilson: What are the biggest misconceptions consumers have about the cosmetic industry and safety standards? How do our standards differ from other countries, for better or worse?

Gillian Deacon: Most Canadians assume, as we stroll down the aisles of the drugstore, that any product that has made it onto the shelves has met some fairly strict guidelines for consumer health and safety. Sadly, that is not the case. There are no laws, neither in Canada nor the U.S., requiring a company to prove that a chemical is safe for human use before it is introduced into the marketplace. Of the 85-100,000 chemicals on the market in Canada, (plus the 1,000 new chemicals and polymers approve …

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