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Building a Classroom Library

Welcome to Top Grade: CanLit for the Classroom, a blog and preview video series that features new releases from Canadian book publishers ideal for use in K-12 classrooms and school library collections. Throughout the year, we will dive into new titles, highlighting relevant curriculum links and themes.


Written by secondary school teacher Spencer Miller

Every teacher should have a classroom library, regardless of what subject they teach. Every classroom benefits from books, and all teachers can support literacy development by giving students time to read in their class.

In my class, reading time is a reward. We read to take a break. We read when we finish early. We try to read every day! Whatever age group or subject you teach, imagine the kind of reading and the kind of books that fit best in your classroom.

I look to fill my classroom library with books my students will benefit from exploring on their own. I search for culturally relevant books, books my students can connect with that feature characters of similar ages and similar experiences. I make sure to include various Canadian books from authors with a diversity of backgrounds and perspectives.

I’m also a strong believer in letting my students make their own reading choices. I watch the way my students sel …

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