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Most Anticipated: Our Fall 2018 Books for Young Readers Preview

And Books for Young Readers is the final instalment of our Fall Preview. Whew! It's all shaping up to be an amazing literary season. Happy reading, everybody. 


Picture Books 

The Imperfect Garden (September), by Melissa Assay and April dela Noche Milne, celebrates naturally grown food in all its imperfection. Cale Atkinson’s Sir Simon: Super Scarer (September) is a haunted house story with a twist—perfect for Halloween. Timed for the 200th anniversary of Frankenstein’s publication, Linda Bailey tells the story of its author in Mary Who Wrote Frankenstein (August), illustrated by Julia Sarda. Sloth at the Zoom (August), by Helaine Becker and Orbie, is the story of a sloth trying to make friends in a fast-paced world. Award-winning author-illustrator Rebecca Bender pushes Giraffe and Bird to new heights of courage, ingenuity, and humour in Giraffe and Bird Together Again (November). And Florence and Leon (September), by Simon Boulerice and Delphie Cote-Lacroix, nominated for the 2016 Governor General's Award for Children's Illustration (French), now appears in English translation by Sophie B. Watson.  

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Most Anticipated: Fall 2014 Kids' Books

Canadian children's literature is avowedly world-class, and the selection this season is up to the usual standard. Our Fall Preview offers hours and hours of bedtime reading for lit-lovers of all ages. And don't miss the rest of our Fall Previews: Fiction, Non-Fiction and Poetry.

Picture Books

Book Cover Winter Moon Song

With Good Morning, Canada (September), Andrea Lynn Beck follows up her celebrated Goodnight, Canada, as children across the country welcome a brand new day. You probably know and love Helaine Becker and Werner Zimmerman's A Porcupine in a Pine Tree, so get ready for their latest, Dashing Through the Snow: A Canadian Jingle Bells (October), which begins with Sasquatch upsetting Santa's sleigh and everyone getting the wrong presents. Sangeeta Bhadra's debut is Sam's Pet Temper (September), an amusing story about a boy who eventually learns to control his troublesome "pet," illustrated by Marian Arbona. In Winter Moon Song (August), award-winning writer Martha Brooks tells her own version of the "Rabbit in the Moon" story, which is shared by many cultures, her tender tale complemented by Leticia Ruifernández's illustrations. 

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Canadian Kids' Bookstores Choose Their Top Books for Little Kids in 2013

We are delighted to present amazing gift ideas from four kids-focused bookstores: Ella Minnow (Toronto), Kaleidoscope Books (Ottawa), Woozles (Halifax), and Babar Books (Montreal) as well as from the kids' book staff at McNally Robinson (Winnipeg and Saskatoon). This post will focus on books for younger readers, divided into board books, picture books, and first chapter books. Later in the week we will post the stores' picks for older kids—middle-grade and YA.

We will introduce each category then provide a link to the full list.

Many thanks to the staff and owners of the participating bookstores; they happily made their selections, complete with annotations, at the height of their busiest season of the year. We appreciate it!


Board books: These are the sturdy little numbers our kids booksellers chose (the full list includes annotations and links to the books on our site):

Little You by Richard Van Camp (McNally Robinson and Woozles)

The Swing by Robert Louis Stevenson illustrated by Julie Morstad (McNally R


In My Tree by Sara Gillingham and …

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