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R.J. Harlick: More Than "Good Enough"

Purple Palette for Murder is the latest title in R.J. Harlick's Meg Harris Mystery series, a perfect title to cozy up with as the weather turns cool. In this guest post, Harlick writes about why she chooses to set her books in Canada and recommends some of her favourite writers who do the same. 


I grew up reading anything but Canadian books. The majority of novels I studied at my Toronto high school were British and American. I can only remember one Canadian novel, Hugh MacLennan’s Two Solitudes. Basically, my school training taught me that Canadian literature wasn’t good enough. When it came to reading for pleasure I focused only on those novels from afar, including "The Greats" by British, American and Russian authors. Popular fiction was either American or British. I studiously avoided the Canadian book sections in bookstores.

It wasn’t until I attended the Humber School for Writers’ summer workshop that I finally discovered that Canadian writing was indeed worth reading. Meeting real live Canadian authors, in particular my workshop leader, Nino Ricci, enticed me to spend a few of my hard-earned dollars on their books. And lo and behold, I discovered they were just as good as any books by foreign authors. I discovered I enjoyed reading about places …

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