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Read the 30 Women Who Ruled Canadian History

To mark the a century since the first women won the vote in Canada, the magazine Canada's History recruited a panel of prominent Canadians to compile a list of great Canadian women from the past. The list is inspiring, rich with familiar names and some new ones. Now, we've created a Great Canadian Women Reading List to go along with it. Not all  these women have books of their own (aspiring biographers, take note!), so in these cases we've found articles and other materials to highlight their amazing lives and contributions.

Happy International Women's Day.



Doris Anderson (1921–2007)

READ: Rebel Daughter, by Doris Anderson

During her twenty years as the editor of Chatelaine magazine, Doris Anderson blazed a trail for Canadian women. Long before Betty Friedan's The Feminine Mystique was published, Anderson was writing about abortion, child care, custody arrangements, and pay equity. Her editorials laid the foundation for the feminist movement in Canada. In Rebel Daughter, we are introduced to the life of this fascinating and influential woman. We learn of her turbulent early years in Depression-era Alberta and her sometimes frustrating efforts to establish herself as a professional journalist in Toronto in the 1940s. We are given a behind-the-scenes look at her …

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