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Best Canadian Book Trailers

Want some highlights of great reads to look forward to this fall? Look no further than our latest selection of book trailers, which feature some impressive production and remarkable books.


Readers are eagerly awaiting The Umbrella Mender, the debut novel by award-winning writer Christine Fischer-Guy, which promises to be as beautiful and haunting as its trailer. 


Adam Abbas' first poetry collection, A State A Statue A Statute, is presented in intriguing and mesmerizing detail here. 


Fans of Linwood Barclay know to expect thrills and great suspense with his latest, No Safe House. The trailer is pretty terrifying. 


"In a race against the fastest 76 year old runner on the planet, I expected to lose. Just not by that much." Margaret Webb explores what we can learn about fitness by studying the boom in women's running in her new book, Older, Faster, Stronger


Jon Klassen and Mac Barnett celebrate their new book, Sam and Dave Dig a Hole, by, well, digging a hole. In the desert. 


We hope that Ann-Marie MacDonald's new book, Adult Onset, is as disquieting and absorbing as its trailer is. 


Have you seen House of Anansi's trailer for #ReadWomen2014? There's no shortage of excellent authors to be read. 


And what about the boys, you say? Don't worry—Annick Press has got them covered. Check out their The Best of Books For Boys trailer for some more great reads. 


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The Best Book Trailers We've Seen Lately

There is no doubt that the bar for book trailers has been raised by the trailer for Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer's All the Broken Things, created by Carol Nguyen, who is already an extraordinary filmmaker at just 15 years old. (See Kathryn's post on our blog.) 


The trailer for the YA novel Blue Gold, by Elizabeth Stewart, presents this story of three girls in the Congo, in China and in North America whose experiences are linked by the mineral coltan, contained in all cell-phones. The novel shows how each of their lives are forever changed as a result. 


The sepia tone of Serafim and Claire, by Mark Lavorato, is captured in this beautiful trailer with images of 1920s' Montreal. 


This trailer for Cybele Young's Out the Window shows the playful, whimsical nature of this accordion book. It has no spoilers, but we suspect a happy ending. 


On the far side of whimsy is this trailer for The Killer Trail by D.B. Carew, about a man out of a jog who gets locked in a deadly game with a psychopath. 


The Killer Trail from OMD on Vimeo.

And speaking of suspense, in just 15 seconds, this trailer for Last Witness by Glenn Carter evokes the atmosphere which drives this novel about a woman on her deathbed with crucial information about just what happened to President Kennedy on that day in Dallas in November 1963. 


Are you ready to be hungry? Check out this video trailer for David Ort's The Canadian Craft Beer Cookbook, in which Ort describes the methods and philosophy behind his acclaimed cookbo …

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Best Book Trailers We've Seen Lately

We're in love with The Swing, Julie Morstad's illustrated board book of the Robert Louis Stevenson poem. This trailer does perfect justice to its charm.


The trailer for Hooked: When Addiction Hits Home, edited by Chloe Schantz-Hiltz with an introduction by Robert Munsch, provides a great introduction to this book about young people's true experiences of growing up with family members suffering from addiction.


The fantastic illustrations from War Brothers: The Graphic Novel by Sharon McKay and Daniel Lafrance are brought to life in the book's trailer. (Check out Sharon's post on our blog about the process of translating her book into a graphic novel).


Théodora Armstrong's story collection Clear Skies, No Wind, 100% Visibility is very much a book about place, as its trailer demonstrates.


As does the book itself, the trailer for Matadora by Elizabeth Ruth takes us into the 1930s' bullfighting scene and into the psyche of a spirited woman.


"Eyewitness Testimony" is a poem from David Seymour's new collection For Display Purposes Only, here made into a short film with Jeremy Munce starring a number of Canadian poets and novelists.


You've probably heard about SECRET by L. Marie Adeline, but have you seen the trailer yet? (Don't miss Adeline's conversation with Julie Wilson here at 49th Shelf.)

Here's the trailer for A Murder of Crows by David Rotenberg, who recently wrote about his book in a guest post on our site.


"Let it take shape when this world is a better place for gir …

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The Best Book Trailers We've Seen Lately

We love Katrina Onstad's list Books With a Sense of Place, and her new novel Everybody Has Everything has a place of its own: Toronto. The city is evoked also in the book's trailer, which will probably break your heart.


It is perhaps with books of poetry in particular that the book trailer really shines, and the trailer for Mark Lavorato's Wayworn Wooden Floors is no exception. Also check out his feature on our blog, Behind the Poem: "Abandoned Car".


We are really excited about Lorna Crozier's new book The Book of Marvels: A Compendium of Everyday Things. A great series of videos offers a glimpse of the marvels to come. This one in particular is an ode to coffee pots.


The book trailer for Tanis Rideout's Above All Things is really more of a mini-documentary about the book and its origins. (And don't miss Rideout's list of Canadian Adventure Books).


Sudden Death: The Incredible Story of the 1986 Swift Current Broncos by Leesa Culp, Bob Wilkie and Gregg Drinnan tells a tale of triumph after tragedy, though its book trailer makes clear that the whole story is more complicated than that.


In the latest of his slickly produced trailers, crime novelist Brad Smith previews his latest, Crow's Landing, about a fisherman who gets more than he bargained for.


And finally, travel to Paris with the enchanting trailer for C.S. Richardson's upcoming novel The Emperor of Paris, about an illiterate baker and unlikely romance.


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More of the best book trailers we've seen lately

The trailer for Ben Stephenson's first novel A Matter of Life & Death or Something is fabulous, one that leaves you with that very rare thought, "If the writing is half as good as the trailer, this is probably a book worth checking out."


Graham Romieau's illustrations in this trailer introduce the bizarre characters ("The Incredibly Hostile Juice Box") in his new book with Douglas Coupland, Highly Inappropriate Tales for Young People.


And while I know that you've already read Patrick DeWitt's The Sisters Brothers (who hasn't?), have you seen the trailer yet? It's pretty cool.

Kyo Maclear used vintage television footage for this trailer for her novel Stray Love.


Director Adam Vollick was behind this amazing trailer for Brad Smith's new novel Red Means Run.


And for more in atmospheric trailers, check out this one for Eva Stachniak's bestselling The Winter Palace.


Picture book authors have a definite advantage when it comes to book trailers, their books' visual elements usually working as effectively in film as they do on the page.

The trailer for Kyo Maclear and Isabelle Arsenault's Virginia Wolf is absolutely stunning, and the book itself doesn't disappoint either.

Fred Rix's illustrations are animated and amusing in this trailer for the award-winning How to Build Your Own Country, written by Valerie Wyatt.

In this gorgeous trailer, author illustrator Barbara Reid presents her latest book, Picture a Tree, which has just been nominated for a Canadian Library Association 2012 …

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The Best Book Trailers We've Seen Lately

When creating a book trailer, it certainly helps to have a good book to start with, not to mention a friend with strong video-editing skills. But otherwise, there really is no formula when it comes to making a book trailer great, although it seems the great ones have no truck with formula in the first place.

All Jessica Westhead has to do is read her book, and the story sells itself. With the assistance of some 1960's stock footage of a hotdog casserole, of course. From And Also Sharks:


Vintage footage is also used to great effect in the trailer for Mark Lavorato's novel Believing Cedric:


The trailer for Suzette Mayr's Monoceros is a less formal affair, but underlines the truth that we've all suspected for some time: it is impossible to have too much kitsch.


Erin Bow's award-winning Plain Kate has a spectacularly animated trailer whose music and images create a perfect atmosphere for the book:


Put two writers together in a car and keep them there for a couple of months and it's more than likely that you'll get a book. And a book trailer too, for Wayne Grady and Merilyn Simonds' fabulous Breakfast at the Exit Cafe:


And it's good music coupled with a nice dose of self-deprecating humour that makes the trailer for Doug Harris' YOU comma Idiot.


Any other great trailers we missed? Tweet us your favourites @cdnbookshelf with the #booktrailers hashtag.

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