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Our Favourite Picture Books of 2015

The thing about a picture book is that it has to keep kids riveted on the first, fifth, tenth, and even twentieth reading. So when we say that these are good ones, we really mean it. These books are tried, tested, and wonderful.


Princess and the Pony


The Princess and the Pony, by Kate Beaton

Superstar Kate Beaton (Hark a VagrantStep Aside Pops) brings her characteristic wit  to the the picture book set, along with her signature roly-poly pony. The pony is a birthday gift for spirited Princess Pinecone, whose Viking Father and Amazon Mom have a knack for choosing gifts that are just a little wrong—certainly this is not a proper horse for a warrior princess. But as ever, Pinecone becomes determined to make the best of things, bringing her pony into the gladiator ring anyway, discovering that there's more than one way to win a battle, and that there are surprising advantages to being cute and cuddly after all.

This is a princess book that will satisfy princess fiends and the princess-averse all at once. It's an empowering tale for any reader, plus it's got pony farts, so your kids are going to love it. 



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