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11 Books that Write the World

Books can take you places, and sometimes those places aren't even metaphorical. Travel to Spain, New Mexico, Mozambique, Vietnam, Italy, India, Goa, Israel, Lebanon, Lithuania, and Nepal through the pages of these remarkable works of fiction. 


Proof I Was Here, by Becky Blake

About the book: What's the point of trying to leave a mark when everything disappears? This question is at the heart of Proof I Was Here, a novel that tells the picaresque coming-of-age story of a young thief and aspiring artist who attempts to reboot her life on the streets of Barcelona after an unexpected breakup. Hailing from Toronto, where she has criminal charges waiting, Niki is outside of Canada for the first time. The pickpockets, squatters and graffiti artists she meets challenge her to reassess her ideas about luck and art. With the help of a passionate Catalan separatist who dreams of building a new country from the ground up, Niki realizes that starting her life over from scratch could be an opportunity—if she can just find a way to clear her name.

Why we're taking notice: This is Barcelona like you've never seen it in a tourist guidebook. In her debut novel, Blake paints a rich and colourful view of the city.  


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Say YES to Sangria

Sangria Photo

Sangria is for sun and summer, it's true, but sangria is also for Spain. And Emily Lycopolus' cookbook series continues with her latest, Spain: Recipe for Olive Oil and Vinegar Lovers, which shows readers how to create and enhance spectacular Spanish dishes by using specialty olive oils and vinegars. Hook yourself up with some Grapefruit White Balsamic Vinegar and get started with her delicious, if unconventional, recipe for sangria. Why not? Because summer is on the horizon... And then save the rest of the bottle for other delicious dishes in the book. 


Serves four

1 orange

1 apple

1 peach

4–6 large strawberries

4–6 large blackberries

1/2 cup rum or brandy

1/4 cup Grapefruit white balsamic vinegar

1 bottle of fruity red wine

2 cups soda water

My version of this well-known Spanish wine punch isn’t exactly traditional, although it sure is tasty! Found in all the tourist places in Spain, and on almost every restaurant menu in North America too, sangria is the perfect summer beverage to enjoy on a sunny patio with lots of great company. The grapefruit w …

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