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The Interruption with Marianne Apostolides


Hi everyone! Welcome back to The Interruption, a 49th Shelf–Books on the Radio collaboration in which I interview Canadian writers about the surprising things that inform, inspire, and even interrupt their creative process. Today I chat with Marianne Apostolides, author of the provocative, sensual new novel Sophrosyne (BookThug).

Marianne is a prolific author whose other works include Voluptuous Pleasure: the Truth About the Writing Life, and Swim: a Novel, both also from BookThug. In this really excellent conversation Marianne discusses how Sophrosyne "made [her] psyche crackle a bit," the mystery of how a narrative unfolds for her, the difficulty of restraint and self-mastery in a digital age, and how she abandoned the manuscript for Sophrosyne ... and what brought her back to it.

The Interruption always features two podcast selections for your listening enjoyment: the first podcast features my interview with Marianne. The second podcast features a unique reading from Sophrosyne. Thank you for listening.



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