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The Chat with Daniel Griffin

Daniel Griffin


It’s been twenty-five years this summer since the famous War in the Woods, the epic battle on Vancouver Island between environmentalists and loggers that resulted in one of the largest acts of civil disobedience in Canadian history. In all, over 900 protestors were arrested for attempting to block forestry company Macmillan Bloedal from clear-cutting Clayoquot Sound.

Daniel Griffin’s debut novel, Two Roads Home, reimagines this period of Canadian history, following a small group of environmentalists who aim to take their protest tactics to the next level. Author Steven Price (By Gaslight) says Two Roads Home "is a blistering examination of modern-day radicalism, a society’s collective guilt, and the possibility of redemption. As propulsive as a thriller, with characters so real they draw blood, this is a powerful novel that never lets up.” 

Daniel Griffin grew up in Kingston with hippie parents. He went to primary school then high school then university all within sight of each other. When he realized that, he knew he had to get out. He taught …

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