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The Interruption: Sean Cranbury Interviews Kaleigh Trace


Hi everyone! Welcome back to The Interruption, a 49th Shelf–Books on the Radio collaboration in which I interview Canadian writers about the surprising things that inform, inspire, and even interrupt their creative process.

Today I chat with Halifax resident Kaleigh Trace. Kaleigh is a disabled, queer feminist; sex educator; and author of Hot, Wet, and Shaking, How I Learned to Talk About Sex, published by Invisible Publishing. Her work has appeared in The Coast, The Huffington Post, CRIT, The Tide, and her own blog: The Fucking Facts (

The Interruption always features two podcast selections for your listening enjoyment: the first podcast features my interview with Kaleigh. The second podcast features her reading from an early chapter in Hot, Wet, and Shaking.

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