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The Recommend: November 2014

Most of the books we read are the result of one thing: someone we know, trust, and/or admire tells us it's great. That's why we run this series, The Recommend, where readers, writers, reviewers, bloggers, and others tell us about a book they'd recommend to a good friend ... and why.

This week we're pleased to present the picks of author and magazine editor Gary Stephen Ross (Stung); YA author and Penguin Canada marketing and publicity manager, Vikki VanSickle (Summer Days, Starry Nights); 2014 Governor General's Poetry Award finalist Garth Martens (Prologue for the Age of Consequence); playwright, novelist, and actor Sean Dixon (A God in Need of Help); and author and former president of Canada's national association of science fiction and fantasy authors, Steve Stanton (The Bloodlight Chronicles).

Gary Stephen Ross picks David Macfarlane’s The Danger Tree

“A quarter-century ago, I was lucky to be the editor of David Macfarlane’s The Danger Tree, a book that was one of the first our company* published. As I worked on it, I wondered whether that fact was warping my judgment; whether, because I so hoped it would be brilliant, I was seeing brilliance in the merely competent. But how to explain the tears that welled up as I made my way through the manuscript?—tea …

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