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Black History Month

Created by 49th Teachers
  • Age: 4 to 14
  • Grade: p to 12
tagged: black history and black lives
Celebrate Black History Month in your classroom or library with these K–12 books.

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Black Women Who Dared

by Naomi M. Moyer
edition: Hardcover
also available: eBook
  • age: 9 to 13
  • Grade: 5 to 8
tagged: african american, women, prejudice & racism

Inspirational stories of ten Black women and women’s collectives from Canadian and American history. Included are leaders and groundbreakers who were anti-slavery activists, business women, health-care activists, civic organizers and educators. Celebrate these remarkable women, some of whom you may be hearing about for the first time, and the pro …



by Shauntay Grant, illustrated by Eva Campbell
edition: eBook
also available: Hardcover Hardcover
  • age: 4 to 7
  • Grade: k to 2
tagged: prejudice & racism, poetry (see also stories in verse)

Winner of the Lillian Shepherd Memorial Award for Excellence in Illustration
Finalist for a Governor General’s Literary Award, Young People’s Literature – Illustrated Books
Finalist for a Ruth and Sylvia Schwartz Children’s Books Award

When a young girl visits the site of Africville, in Halifax, Nova Scotia, the stories she’s heard from he …


The Stone Thrower

by Jael Ealey Richardson, illustrated by Matt James
edition: Hardcover
also available: eBook
  • age: 5 to 9
  • Grade: p to 4
tagged: african american, football, cultural heritage

The African-American football player Chuck Ealey grew up in a segregated neighborhood of Portsmouth, Ohio. Against all odds, he became an incredible quarterback. But despite his unbeaten record in high school and university, he would never play professional football in the United States.

Chuck Ealey grew up poor in a racially segregated community th …


Mayann's Train Ride

by Mayann Francis, illustrated by Tamara Thiebaux-Heikalo
edition: eBook
also available: Hardcover
  • age: 4 to 10
  • Grade: p to 5
tagged: city & town life

Nine-year-old Mayann Francis and her family are travelling from their home in Cape Breton to New York City by train. Everything is exciting to young Mayann, from the beds that fold down to the stop in Montreal to visit friends. Most exciting of all is the chance to show off her brand new purse.

When the Francis family arrives in big, bustling New Yo …


Oscar Lives Next Door

A Story Inspired by Oscar Peterson's Childhood

by Bonnie Farmer, illustrated by Marie Lafrance
edition: Hardcover
also available: eBook
  • age: 4 to 8
  • Grade: k to 4
tagged: music, canada

Long before Oscar Peterson became a virtuoso jazz pianist, he was a boy who loved to play the trumpet. When childhood tuberculosis weakened his lungs, Oscar could no longer play his beloved instrument. He took up piano and the rest is history: Oscar went on to become an international jazz piano sensation.
Oscar Lives Next Door is a fictional story …


Up Home

by Shauntay Grant, illustrated by Susan Tooke
edition: Hardcover
also available: Paperback
  • Grade: 938473-3568294
tagged: stories in verse, cultural heritage

A positive, heartwarming portrayal of North Preston past and present. This touching poem from spoken-word artist, poet and CBC Radio personality Shauntay Grant portrays the Nova Scotian community of Preston. Short, staccato lines, musicality and the use of real, spoken language, and Susan Tooke's breathtaking illustrations using real models from th …

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