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by Jennifer Cowan
edition: eBook
also available: Paperback Hardcover
  • age: 0
  • Grade: p to 12
tagged: girls & women, environment, general (see also headings under family)

A New York Times Editors' Choice

Earthgirl follows the eco-evolution of sixteen-year-old Sabine Solomon, who is thrown into the fray one afternoon when she's riding her bike downtown to join her friends, and an idling minivan driver carelessly tosses leftovers from McDonald's out the car window, blindsiding Sabine and leaving her covered in plum sau …


An Island of My Own

by Andrea Spalding
edition: Paperback
  • age: 12 to 15
  • Grade: 7 to 10
tagged: environment, marine life, girls & women

Short-listed for the 1999 Silver Birch Award and for the 2001 Manitoba Young Readers’ Choice Award
Fifteen-year-old Rowan, the daughter of foreign correspondents in Africa, finds herself beached for a summer with her cousins near Tofino, British Columbia. Desperate for a summer project, she camps on a neighbouring island to monitor the progress …


Three Million Acres of Flame

by Valerie Sherrard
edition: Paperback
also available: eBook
  • age: 12 to 15
  • Grade: 5
tagged: canada, general (see also headings under animals), multigenerational

Commended for the 2009 Best Books for Kids & Teens
For Skye Haverill and her family, it begins as an ordinary day. But in the annals of Canadian history, October 7, 1825, is the date of one of our greatest national disasters.
The Haverill family has been turned upside down in the last year. Following the death of their mother, Skye and her brothe …


Voice of the Valley

by Sheena Koops
edition: Paperback
  • age: 12
  • Grade: 8 to 12
tagged: environment, coming of age, farm & ranch life

Onja Claibourn is almost fifteen. Her world is one of sage, buffalo bills, brown-eyed susans, cactus, flax, buckbrush, foxtail and orange moss—the world of the valley just beyond the family farm. Old roads twist like a game of snakes and ladders into the valley. Onja and her horse Ginger spend their summer days in exploration.
But things begin …


No More Pranks

by Monique Polak
edition: Hardcover
also available: Paperback
  • age: 12 to 18
  • Grade: 8 to 12
tagged: marine life, values & virtues, environment

Pete likes to play pranks. It doesn't matter what it is as long as it gets a laugh. When he impersonates his vice-principal on a radio call-in show, he goes too far and is suspended from school. Pete's parents send him to spend the summer working with his uncle, a whale-watching guide in a tourist town far from the city. When a whale is injured by …


Rare and Endangered

by John Dowd
edition: Paperback
  • age: 11 to 15
  • Grade: 6 to 10
tagged: environment

In this sequel to Hogsty Reef, teenagers Jim and Julia reunite, getting embroiled in a search for a missing naturalist as they work in a research station studying endangered wildlife.
While in the Turks and Caicos Islands, these two inquisitive teens? quest leads them directly into the hands of poachers who have ravaged the island's precious fauna …

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