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Our Heroes of COVID-19

by Philip Riggs, edited by Susan Taylor, illustrated by Corey Majeau
edition: Hardcover
  • age: 9 to 13
  • Grade: 4 to 8
tagged: diseases, illnesses & injuries

Joel and his grandpa love spending time together. Then, the COVID-19 shutdown happened, so they had to stay apart. But now they are finally able to meet again and do many of the things they enjoy. While on their first walk in a long time, they talk about the shutdown. Who are the heroes who helped everybody during this difficult time? Joel and his …


The Justice Project

by Michael Betcherman
edition: Paperback
  • age: 12 to 18
  • Grade: 8 to 12
tagged: careers, occupations, internships, diseases, illnesses & injuries, law & crime

High-school football star Matt Barnes was on the top of the world until a freak snowboarding accident ended his promising sports career and left him with a permanent limp. As he struggles to accept his changed body, Matt becomes depressed and isolated. Instead of college football camp, he faces a summer job at the local golf club. Then by chance Ma …


Confessions of a Teenage Leper

by Ashley Little
edition: Paperback
  • age: 14 to 18
  • Grade: 9 to 12
tagged: diseases, illnesses & injuries, lgbt, coming of age

Cheerleading, mean girls, shopping . . . and leprosy? High school is about to get complicated. For fans of Before I Fall and Exit, Pursued By a Bear.

Abby Furlowe has plans. Big plans. She's hot, she's popular, she's a cheerleader and she's going to break out of her small Texas town and make it big. Fame and fortune, adoration and accolades. It'll a …


The Story of My Face

by Leanne Baugh
edition: eBook
  • age: 13 to 17
  • Grade: 8 to 12
tagged: diseases, illnesses & injuries, self-esteem & self-reliance, loners & outcasts

After being attacked by a grizzly bear in the Rocky Mountains, seventeen-year-old Abby Hughes' facial scars are all she can think about, and all that she thinks anyone else can see when they look at her. After months of hiding out at home, returning to high school feels as daunting to Abby as enduring seven plastic surgeries. She knows it will be h …



by Gordon Korman
  • age: 13 to 18
  • Grade: 8 to 12
tagged: football, friendship, diseases, illnesses & injuries


Gordon Korman's acclaimed and timely YA novel explores the dangerous side of high school contact sports.

Marcus is new in town and is hoping to make the championship high school football team, but it seems like a closed club, run by current star quarterback Troy.

One day, while tossing the ball around in a park one day, Marcus meets Charlie, a man i …


The Great & the Small

by A. T. Balsara
edition: Paperback
tagged: dark fantasy, diseases, illnesses & injuries

Deep below the market, in the dark tunnels no human knows exist, a war has begun. Led by the charismatic Beloved Chairman, a colony of rats plots to exterminate the ugly two-legs who have tortured them in labs, crushed them with boots, and looked at them with disgust for as long as anyone can remember.

When the Chairmans nephew is injured and a youn …

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