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by David A. Robertson, illustrated by Scott B. Henderson & Donovan Yaciuk
edition: Book
  • age: 12 to 18
  • Grade: 8 to 12
tagged: aboriginal & indigenous, paranormal, mental illness, superheroes

Acclaimed writer, David A. Robertson, delivers suspense, adventure, and humour in this stunningly illustrated graphic novel continuation of The Reckoner trilogy.

After the events in Wounded Sky, Cole and Eva arrive in Winnipeg, the headquarters of Mihko Laboratories. They are intent on destroying the company once and for all, but their plans are thw …


From the Roots Up

by Tasha Spillett, illustrated by Natasha Donovan
edition: Book
  • age: 12 to 18
  • Grade: 8 to 12
tagged: aboriginal & indigenous, prejudice & racism, lgbt, girls & women, friendship, assimilation, coming of age, death & dying, dating & sex

Dez and Miikwan’s stories continue in this sequel to Surviving the City

Dez’s grandmother has passed away. Grieving, and with nowhere else to go, she’s living in a group home. On top of everything else, Dez is navigating a new relationship and coming into her identity as a Two-Spirit person. 

Miikwan is crushing on the school’s new kid Riel …


Hit Reblog!

Comics That Caught Fire

by Megan Kearney, edited by Hope Nicholson
edition: Paperback
  • age: 14 to 100
  • Grade: 9 to 17
tagged: humorous

Hit Reblog showcases the viral sensations of the webcomics world and the true stories behind their creators. Follow the ups and downs of internet fame, from IP theft to book deals, and all the trials of becoming an overnight sensation after gaining 10,000 reblogs in a single night. Learn about the origins behind the hit comic strips "This is Fine", …


The Montague Twins: The Witch's Hand

by Nathan Page, illustrated by Drew Shannon
edition: Paperback
also available: Hardcover
  • age: 12 to 100
  • Grade: 7 to 17
tagged: mystery & detective, action & adventure, paranormal

Brothers. Detectives. Witches? Meet Pete and Alastair Montague in the first installment of a new graphic novel duology that is the Hardy Boys meets Paper Girls.

Pete and Alastair Montague are just a couple of mystery-solving twins, living an ordinary life. Or so they thought. After a strange storm erupts on a visit to the beach, they discover there …



by Andre Fenton
edition: Paperback
also available: eBook
  • age: 14 to 17
  • Grade: 9 to 12
tagged: self-esteem & self-reliance, coming of age, diversity & multicultural

Annaka has always hated her first name. That's why, when her mother packed her up at age seven and moved from Yarmouth to Halifax, she decided she would go by Anna. Now Anna is back in Yarmouth after the death of her beloved Grampy, and sorting through memories from her younger self. She discovers a journal Grampy gifted her years ago; it is filled …


Good Boys

by GMB Chomichuk
edition: Paperback
  • age: 10 to 13
  • Grade: 5 to 8
tagged: dystopian, bullying, action & adventure, prejudice & racism, violence, war & military

In a world of Cats and Dogs, which would you be?

When some Cats at school bully the Dogs, Oliver doesn’t say anything; he doesn’t want to get bullied too.

But as the new president drags the country into a civil war, the bullying doesn’t stop at the school yard gate. Soon, the city is out of control: signs and protests, fights and rallies rattle …


Poems to See By

A Comic Artist Interprets Great Poetry

by Julian Peters
edition: Hardcover
  • age: 13 to 18
  • Grade: 8 to 12
tagged: poetry, classic adaptation, classics

A fresh twist on 24 classic poems, these visual interpretations by comic artist Julian Peters will change the way you see the world.
This stunning anthology of favorite poems visually interpreted by comic artist Julian Peters breathes new life into some of the greatest English-language poets of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

These are poems …


Northwest Resistance

by Katherena Vermette, illustrated by Scott B. Henderson & Donovan Yaciuk
edition: eBook
  • age: 11 to 15
  • Grade: 5 to 9
tagged: aboriginal & indigenous, orphans & foster homes, prejudice & racism, coming of age, canada, girls & women, action & adventure

Step back in time to 1885 with volume three of the award-winning A Girl Called Echo graphic novel series, from best-selling author Katherena Vermette

Echo Desjardins just can't stop slipping back and forth in time.

In Northwest Resistance, Echo travels to 1885, a period of turmoil. The bison are gone, settlers from the East are arriving daily, and th …


Dakwakada Warriors

by Cole Pauls
edition: Paperback
  • age: 8 to 16
  • Grade: 3 to 11
tagged: action & adventure, canada, science fiction

Indigenous protectors use language revitalization to save the Earth from evil pioneers and cyborg sasquatches Artist Cole Pauls wanted to reclaim the Southern Tutchone language he had learned as a youth while performing in the traditional song and dance group the Dakhka Khwaan Dancers, based in Whitehorse (YT). So, he created a comic about two Eart …

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