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Reformers, Rebels, and Revolutionaries

The Western Canadian Radical Movement 1899-1919

by A. Ross McCormack
edition: Paperback
tagged: communism & socialism, social history, revolutionary

The opening of the twentieth century saw a fervour of radical political movements in Western Canada. Ross McCormack explores the constituencies, ideologies, and development of early reformist, syndicalist, and socialist organizations from the 1880s up to the Winnipeg General Strike in 1919. He distinguishes three types of radicals – reformers, re …


The Huguenots and French Opinion, 1685-1787

The Enlightenment Debate on Toleration

by Geoffrey Adams
edition: Paperback
also available: eBook
tagged: 18th century, revolutionary, france

The decision of Louis XIV to revoke the Edict of Nantes and thus liquidate French Calvinism was well received in the intellectual community which was deeply prejudiced against the Huguenots. This antipathy would gradually disappear. After the death of the Sun King, a more sympathetic view of the Protestant minority was presented to French readers b …


Revolutionary Vanguard

The Early Years of the Communist Youth International 1914-1924

by Richard Cornell
edition: eBook
tagged: communism & socialism, revolutionary, political, russia & the former soviet union, russian & former soviet union, radicalism, history & theory, eastern

The monolithic nature of the communist movement during the
Stalinist period overlay pluralist tendencies. These were suppressed in the 1920s,
though they were to re-emerge after Stalin's death.

The history of the
Communist Youth International is revealed in this volume as an important example of
the 'autonomist' tendencies in the communist move …


Polish Revolutionary Populism

A Study in Agrarian Socialist Thought From the 1830s to the 1850s

by Peter Brock
edition: eBook
tagged: eastern, social history, russia & the former soviet union, revolutionary

Polish populism, which advocated agrarian socialism by either revolutionary or reformist means, emerged first among the émigrés who had left Poland after the Russians defeated the nationalist uprising of 1830. In exile they came into contact with the ideas of French ‘Utopian’ socialists such as Babeuf, Saint-Simon, Fourier, and Cabet, and the …


The Civil War

by Abraham Cowley, edited by Allan Pritchard
edition: eBook
tagged: english, irish, scottish, welsh, 17th century, revolutionary, great britain, poetry

The Civil War is a poem which Abraham Cowley (1618-67) did
not complete, for political and historical reasons, and of which only the first
volume was published; the other two volumes have been considered irrecoverably lost
since Cowley's death. Professor Pritchard recently found two copies of the
complete poem in a collection of family papers …

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