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Translating the Occupation

The Japanese Invasion of China, 1931–45

edited by Jonathan Henshaw; Craig A. Smith & Norman Smith
edition: Paperback
tagged: china, japan, world war ii, non-classifiable

From 1931 to 1945, Chinese citizens were subjugated to Japanese imperialism. Despite the enduring historical importance of the occupation, Translating the Occupation is the first English-language volume to provide such a diverse selection of important primary sources from this period. Contributors have translated Chinese, Japanese, and Korean texts …


Blood Washing Blood

Afghanistan's Hundred-Year War

by Phil Halton
edition: eBook
tagged: afghan war (2001-), civil rights, central asia

A clear-eyed view of the conflict in Afghanistan and its century-deep roots.

The war in Afghanistan has consumed vast amounts of blood and treasure, causing the Western powers to seek an exit without achieving victory. Seemingly never-ending, the conflict has become synonymous with a number of issues — global jihad, rampant tribalism, and the narc …


Redemption and Regret

Modernizing Korea in the Writings of James Scarth Gale

by James Scarth Gale, edited by Daniel Pieper
edition: Hardcover
tagged: korea

Redemption and Regret presents two previously unpublished typescripts of James Scarth Gale, a Canadian missionary to Korea for four decades (1888–1927). During his time in Korea, Gale developed into the foremost Western scholar of Korean history, language, and literature, completing the first translation of Korean literature into a Western langua …


The Diary of Dukesang Wong

A Voice from Gold Mountain

edited by David McIlwraith, translated by Wanda Joy Hoe, by Dukesang Wong
edition: Paperback
tagged: historical, cultural heritage, china, post-confederation (1867-)

Here is the only known first-person account from a Chinese worker on the famously treacherous parts of transcontinental railways that spanned the North American continent in the nineteenth century. The story of those Chinese workers has been told before, but never in a voice from among their number, never in a voice that lived through the experienc …


Saving the Nation through Culture

The Folklore Movement in Republican China

by Jie Gao
edition: Paperback
also available: Hardcover eBook
tagged: folklore & mythology, china

The Modern Chinese Folklore Movement coalesced at National Peking University between 1918 and 1926. A group of academics, inspired by Western thought, tried to revitalize the study of folklore to stave off postwar disillusionment with Chinese elite culture. By documenting this phenomenon’s origins and evolution, Jie Gao opens a new chapter in the …


Constructing Empire

The Japanese in Changchun, 1905–45

by Bill Sewell
edition: Paperback
also available: eBook Hardcover
tagged: japan, china

Civilians play crucial roles in building empires. Constructing Empire shows how Japanese urban planners, architects, and other civilians contributed to constructing a modern colonial enclave in northeast China, their visions shifting over time. Japanese imperialism in Manchuria before 1932 resembled that of other imperialists elsewhere in China, bu …

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