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Shelf Talkers for August

It’s time for the languorous days of August, those days of carefully conserved motion, constant hydration, and the gradual ebbing away of cares on waves of summer’s bliss ...
That’s the theory, anyway. As we all know, sometimes it doesn’t quite work out as planned.
For Canada’s independent booksellers, August marks the start of the fall book season, which this year looks more impressive than ever. But that’s all still to come. Here’s what our hardy booksellers have been reading and recommending in their stores recently.

We’ll start off with a new member of the Shelf Talkers’ community, Tracey, from Bryan Prince Bookseller, and we’ll finish with a hot one from Lindsay out on Galiano Island.


The Bookseller: Tracey Higgins, Bryan Prince Bookseller, Hamilton, ON

The Pick: The Whisper of Legends, by Barbara Fradkin

"This mystery by Ottawa author, Barbara Fradkin, takes place in the wilds of the Northwest Territories. Inspector Green has gone to search for his daughter who went missing during a canoeing expedition. While searching the wilderness, he becomes embroiled in a case that involves murder, corruption, and the dirty business of northern mining. I had a great time reading this book, especially the plot involving underhanded dealings with p …

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Shelf Talkers for July

With the echoes of fireworks still ringing in our ears and sunburns still making it hard to find even a remotely comfortable outfit, what better way to celebrate this country than with a selection of Canadian books, recommended by our tireless Canadian independent booksellers (and readers).
This month’s list is as delicious as a fresh strawberry, as memorable as campfire smoke, as invigorating as a cold drink on a hot afternoon ... Yes, the first books of summer are upon us—enjoy!



The Bookseller: Timothy Carlow, Bolen Books, Victoria, BC

The Pick: 
The Oil Man and the Sea: Navigating the Northern Gateway, by Arno Kopecky

"Arno Kopecky has ventured straight into the middle of one of the most polarizing and talked about issues concerning British Columbia in modern times.  Part travel literature, part political manifesto, The Oil Man and the Sea has all the charm of the best travel writing, but it doesn’t shy away from the controversial topic at its core. A beautiful homage to a hugely important region and the people who have made their lives …

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Robert J. Wiersema on the Springsteen songs that don't appear in his mixtape-memoir Walk Like a Man.

Book Cover

Please join Canadian Bookshelf host Julie Wilson (aka Book Madam) in conversation with her chum Robert J. Wiersema as they talk about coming of age and the soundtracks of their youths. Rob's mixtape heavily features Bruce Springsteen, the subject of his latest book Walk Like a Man (D & M Publishers); Julie realizes she has a lot of Enya on vinyl and a worn out cassette of Bronski Beat's The Age of Consent.

When: Tuesday, September 13, 7 p.m.

Where: Ben McNally Books, 366 Bay St., Toronto, ON

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And now, a few words from Rob:

I've come to realize over the past couple of books that writing is at least as much about what you cut out, and what is not written, as it is about what actually appears on the printed page. Suffice it to say, I learned this the hard way.
I don't feel so bad about writing long and editing back, though, when I remember that Bruce Springsteen wrote and recorded more than seventy songs for the Darkness on the Edge of Town album. He left sixty plus on the cutting room floor; the remaining ten songs comprise what might just be a perfect album.

With my book Walk Like a Man, I didn't overwrite. (Well, no more than normal, I suppose. After all, what's twenty thousand words between friends?) Given the nature of the book—short es …

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